All Day Breakfast

Banana Bread
Toasted with butter
Mango & Coconut Bread
Toasted with butter
GF Raspberry & Coconut Bread
Toasted with butter
Vegetarian Breakfast Roll
2 Fried eggs, grilled haloumi, tomato relish & avo on a brioche bun
Bacon & Egg Roll
Served on a brioche bun with your choice of BBQ or tomato sauce
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Croissant topped with ham and cheese, toasted
Sunrise Wrap
Bacon, egg, spinach, hash brown & aioli in a lightly toasted wrap


$1 – Gravy $1 – Tomato, BBQ or Tartare Sauce $1.00 – Honey mustard aioli

A variety of Gluten Free slices available and housemade cakes.  Ask us about our coffee and cake specials.

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